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PROFIT is a mission initiative of Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS) towards Workplace Evangelism.


Make your company as your Mission Field and be a Missionary there!

PROFIT (PROfessionals Fellowship of International Talents) is a network of Christians who intentionally and actively use their professional identity to share the Gospel in the workplace.


PROFIT influences professionals, motivating them to be personally and strategically involved in workplace evangelism, by equipping them in their professional,social and spiritual portions of work life.

Ø Enables professionals to envision the potential of being the salt and light in their work place.
Ø Encourages excellence in career; equips and helps believers to find better avenues in career.
Ø Facilitates gatherings to meet, learn, share & pray.
Ø Creates an environment to communicate and share the Gospel to their professional friends and their family circles.
Ø Gives exposure to active evangelism through mission field visits.


In the year 2006, when I was in Singapore, God put a specific burden within my heart about what working professionals can do, using their professional identity, for the extension of the Kingdom of God. It was really a haunting thought that the God-given talents of Christian professionals were mostly used by the corporate companies and not actively utilized for God’s kingdom purpose. We were praying with that burden, thinking of the thousands of working professionals here in Singapore, and that ignited a fire in us and gave the vision of connecting them for God’s kingdom purpose. That vision gave birth to PROFIT (PROfessionals Fellowship of International Talents) and the very name PROFIT was born in Singapore. I would like to share a few thoughts on what God has put in our hearts about this move of God. 

A teacher can be an influence and a song writer can be an influence to the whole world. A little rhyme can influence the whole world. It was Andrew Fletcher who said, “Let me write the songs of a nation – I don’t care who writes its laws.” He knew the power of the songs and little rhymes that can make lasting impact and influence in the hearts and minds of little ones and young people. Rhymes like “Jack and Jill” and “Humpty dumpty” are some rhymes that captured the minds of little kids for many decades. Today MTV songs have such an influencing power among the youths of the modern era.


Professionals have a lot of talents and tremendous power to influence and impact the world around them. The world and the corporate companies know it well and use their energy and talents to expand their own kingdom and businesses. But they can make a tremendous impact for the kingdom of God too, if their God-given talents and energy are properly channeled for that purpose.

We read in Acts 18 that Paul who had the profession of Tentmaking met Aquila and Priscilla in the city of Corinth. It was their profession that brought this couple and Paul together. It was not really the desire of Aquila and Priscilla to be in Corinth but because of the circumstances they were actually forced to move there. Paul worked along with them for some years since they had the same profession of tentmaking. There Paul could influence, develop and equip this couple. They eventually became a very powerful tool in the Kingdom of God. A big church was established in their house itself. And they in turn became the instruments to influence another person, namely Apollos, who became an apostle and a great leader in the early church. What made it possible? It was a small connection that came about between Paul and Aquila and Priscilla. Apollos eventually was in the same level as Paul in the early church (I Co 3:5). Who contributed for this and equipped Apollos? It was Aquila and Priscilla who were professionals. They eventually established a church in Rome.

Paul, a tentmaker by profession, was such a great influencer that even when he was in jail, he could make and equip people. He says in Philemon that he begot Onesimus when he was in the jail. That Onesimus eventually became a leader of the church in Ephesus after Timothy. Don’t think that you are out there in the marketplace just to make money and to have a decent living. As professionals, you have the key for the kingdom God to be established and extended in the marketplace. The media or cinema brings many things to light, but mostly fail to inspire people to get transformed. “Slumdog millionaire” – one of the blockbuster movies, won 8 academy awards. If you go through the film, the media in a subtle way shows the craftiness and wickedness of the city of Bombay. It shows how little children are brought and blinded so that they can be used for begging. And how teenagers are brought, robed of their youth and used for prostitution so that the underground mafia can make money for themselves. This movie has beautifully brought to the world what Bombay is about. Though it won 8 academy awards, the most by any film in the year 2008, it failed to inspire somebody to act on it and transform the society. Only a Christian professional can do it, who knows the Lord and is connected with the Lord. 

Through PROFIT chapters, we want professionals to be strongly connected with God so that the living water can flow powerfully through them in the marketplace. We believe that when Jesus said “ Go into all the world..”, it is not just the geographical locations, but He also wants Christians to go into every sector of the society – the government, business, education, arts, family, entertainment etc., make disciples there and bring a total transformation  in the marketplace. It is only possible through the professionals who can spread, scatter and penetrate into the marketplace. And this move of God depends largely on professionals who are well connected with the divine power of God, who connect well with other professionals who have such passion for God (or at least create such passion in them) and who can rise up as spiritual leaders in the marketplace. And God is ready to cause His power to flow into the city in a high level through them. It is high time for professionals to spread and scatter for this purpose. Many professionals are still very thirsty after they’ve poured out their talents and energy for their companies. There is already a vacuum in the hearts of many professionals in the society. 

Through PROFIT, you can come closer and get stronger in your connection with the Lord so that life transforming power of God flows from your life. And the connection with other professionals establishes a platform for workplace evangelism. When Christian professionals are properly connected with the Lord and connected with one another, they have tremendous power and authority to transform the marketplace. Eventually, the contribution of Christian professionals in the marketplace would be a major cause for world evangelization would not be an overstatement.

PROFIT - Connecting Professionals to connect with God

In His Harvest

D. Augustine Jebakumar



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