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Abide in His presence & Assess your Influence@ work

Abide in His presence & Assess your Influence@ work

All the Sales figures were dropping .It was a dark time for the CEO of a reputed company. His company was undergoing a great loss. His competitors were getting stronger day by day and they were triumphing over the downfall of his company. He was stressed on all sides. He is unable to bear the shame and on other hand the rising pressure from the employees in his company, as the livelihood of his employees and their families was at risk.



Finally he called the entire company for a meeting in which he addressed the problems that their company was facing and honestly accepted the fact that he was unable to handle such a situation. He asked if any of his employees could give him suggestions or ideas to recover from this loss and to restore their company. Everyone was looking at each other’s face. No one had the confidence to take up this challenge. There fell a complete silence in the meeting room.

In the corner of the room there was a man from the cafeteria, serving tea to the people in the meeting room. He too was a silent observer of all the discussions happening. All of sudden this frail little man ran to the CEO and whispered something to him.CEO was confused yet looked happy and he called off the meeting. Everyone went back to work.

After few days the people where again called from a meeting. But this time it was for a different reason. The CEO proudly stood up and joyfully shared that their company recovered from the great loss and it is now the #1.He acknowledged and congratulated the brave little man who was the reason behind the success of their company. His counsel and wise direction enabled the CEO to lift up the company.



Few days later CEO once again called this man for help. This time it was not for official help but a personal one.CEO was under a major depression and was struggling a lot to come out of it.The little man who was a Christian prayed for his CEO and the Almighty God delivered him. In few years’ time this man was promoted to be the CEO of that company where he worked as a mere waiter.

By now you may be curious who this CEO and the little man are? What is it, which was so special in that little man? How could he do such a great task? The CEO is none but Mr.Saul the King of Israel and the little man serving tea is Mr.David the Shepherd boy in Israel. We are well aware of the story of David and Saul.

How could David do this?

·         Although he was shepherding the sheep, he had a closer walk with God who was His shepherd. Ps-23

·         He was an earnest seeker of God and His presence. Hence he carried the presence of God where ever he went and influence the people in His workplace. “You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.Ps-63:1”

·         His relationship with God gave him the confidence that the Lord was with him at all times. “I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” Ps-16:8

·       David continues to abide in God even after being promoted by God as King of Israel. He was not too busy to spend time with him.” I will abide in your tabernacle forever: I will trust in the shelter of your wings” Ps-61:4&7

Your Personal relationship with God will enable you to be influential at your work spot.


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